What Strategies Professionals Use to Align Media Relations With Broader Communications Objectives?

    How do you approach the challenge of aligning media relations efforts with broader communications objectives?

    In the quest to synchronize media relations with overarching communications goals, we've gathered insights from top professionals in the field. From the perspective of a Director of Communications to the strategic approach of a Marketing Manager, explore the six expert opinions on building a cohesive media strategy that serves your audience and aligns with your organization's mission.

    • Build Inclusive Media Relationships
    • Integrate Media with Organizational Goals
    • Personalize Media Strategy for Cohesion
    • Craft Audience-Focused Media Relations

    Build Inclusive Media Relationships

    Higher education communications objectives can be quite broad, as they encompass multiple educational disciplines, including college sports. Our success in aligning media relations efforts with broader communications objectives is attributed to our university team's ability to align with the people in media by developing professional media relationships with local and state newspapers, radio stations, and television stations.

    We have emphasized the significance of building media relationships with media people, not just looking at the function of media relations as holding all the responsibility. We encourage media relationship building at all levels on our campus, from student leaders to faculty, staff, department chairs, and the Office of the Chancellor, with the aim of being inclusive and decentralized in getting to know media people and telling them about our university.

    Even though individuals in our college community may build personal and professional relationships with the media, all media submissions and events are part of the media relations function, which is centralized through our official Offices of Communications channels. Although university sports tend to receive more attention, our approach of "media relationships are everyone's business" has resulted in increased academic stories picked up by the media.

    Mary Hester-CliftonDirector of Communications, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

    Integrate Media with Organizational Goals

    In my role as the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Kualitee, aligning media relations efforts with broader communication objectives is a nuanced and integrated process. It involves setting clear communication goals that resonate with the organization's mission. Understanding our target audience guides us in crafting consistent messages across various channels, from press releases to social media.

    Integrated planning is paramount, encompassing media relations, social media, and internal communications. Consistency in messaging ensures a unified brand voice. Building strong relationships with media representatives is a continuous effort to enhance the effectiveness of our media outreach.

    Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are in place to gauge the impact of media relations efforts on broader communication goals. This adaptability extends to staying attuned to changes in the media landscape, allowing us to adjust strategies to maintain alignment with Kualitee's overarching objectives.

    Khurram Mir
    Khurram MirFounder and Chief Marketing Officer, Kualitee

    Personalize Media Strategy for Cohesion

    In my role, aligning media relations efforts with broader communication objectives involves a personalized, strategic approach. I start by setting clear goals and collaborating closely with team members. In our team, we prioritize understanding the overarching communication objectives, ensuring a deep grasp of our organization's messaging and priorities.

    From my personal journey, I've learned the importance of establishing open communication channels between the media relations team and other departments to synchronize our efforts seamlessly. As someone who has dealt with similar situations, I consistently evaluate media coverage against our objectives, making necessary adjustments, and maintaining transparent communication within our organization. Reflecting on my own experiences, I strive to ensure that our media relations activities contribute cohesively to broader communication goals. This personalized approach allows for a coordinated messaging strategy that resonates effectively with both media outlets and our target audience.

    Carl Panepinto
    Carl PanepintoMarketing Manager, Key Person Insurance

    Craft Audience-Focused Media Relations

    A frequent challenge for businesses and organizations is aligning their media relations efforts with broader communications objectives. As the media landscape continues to evolve, it's essential to have a cohesive strategy that integrates media relations into your overall communication plan—one that supports and amplifies your messaging and goals.

    Your approach to aligning media relations efforts with broader communications objectives should begin with a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. Who are you trying to reach with your communications? What types of media do they consume? By identifying your target audience, you can craft messages and choose media outlets that effectively reach and resonate with them. By aligning your media relations efforts with this audience and messaging, you can ensure consistency and avoid conflicting messages.

    Eric Eng
    Eric EngFounder and CEO, Private College Admissions Consultant. Business Owner, AdmissionSight