What Strategies Help Press Releases Stand Out?


    What Strategies Help Press Releases Stand Out?

    In the crowded world of media, it takes more than just a well-written announcement to capture attention; it requires a strategic edge. We've gathered insights from Marketing Directors to CEOs, compiling seventeen unique strategies to make your press releases pop. From innovating with interactive digital flipbooks to optimizing release timing for maximum visibility, discover how to make your news resonate and examples of success.

    • Innovate With Interactive Digital Flipbooks
    • Engage Through Social Proof and Storytelling
    • Craft Compelling Stories With Strategic Targeting
    • Communicate Unique Value With Clear Messaging
    • Merge Relevance and Storytelling for Impact
    • Differentiate With Unique Property Narratives
    • Use Data-Driven Storytelling and Exclusivity
    • Craft Headlines for Strategic Content Engagement
    • Announce Software Launch With Data-Driven Content
    • Narrate With Authenticity and Impactful Headlines
    • Create Catchy Headlines for Real Estate Updates
    • Combine Storytelling With Strategic Timing
    • Personalize Stories With Data-Driven Visuals
    • Highlight Authenticity With Strategic Engagement
    • Blend Data Insights With Customer Testimonials
    • Include an Effective Organizational Boilerplate
    • Optimize Press Release Timing for Visibility

    Innovate With Interactive Digital Flipbooks

    I suggest presenting your press release in a self-contained, interactive format like a flipbook—an interactive digital publication created from a PDF file. When you upload your PDF to a platform like FlippingBook, it transforms into a flipbook with a realistic page-flipping effect, maintaining the original content while enhancing its presentation. One of the main benefits of using flipbooks for press releases is the ability to share them as direct links. This means that journalists can access all the necessary information immediately and on any device.

    Moreover, flipbooks offer the opportunity to enrich your press release with interactive elements. You can incorporate videos, pop-up images, and GIFs to support and expand on the text, making the content more engaging and visually appealing. For example, when releasing a product, it’s nearly essential to include screenshots, photos, or video overviews to fully convey its features and benefits. Flipbooks make it straightforward to combine these elements, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your press release.

    Precious Abacan
    Precious AbacanMarketing Director, Softlist

    Engage Through Social Proof and Storytelling

    I ensure my press releases stand out by leveraging the power of social proof and detailed, vivid storytelling. With over 20 years in digital marketing, I've learned that a press release must do more than just inform; it needs to engage and persuade. One particularly successful press release involved our client in the home-improvement industry. We focused on the surge in renovation projects during the pandemic.

    We highlighted testimonials and case studies from satisfied customers who had successfully transformed their homes. This strategy of incorporating real customer experiences added credibility and relatability. We achieved a 77% higher engagement rate with this approach, according to BrightLocal's survey on consumer behavior regarding reviews.

    To further enhance the impact, we included high-quality before-and-after images of home-improvement projects. We also timed the release with relevant industry events and partnered with local media outlets for broader coverage. The outcome was a notable increase in website traffic and inquiries, with a 25% boost in project bookings over the following quarter. Leveraging authentic stories and strategic timing made all the difference.

    Robert P. Dickey
    Robert P. DickeyPresident and CEO, AQ Marketing

    Craft Compelling Stories With Strategic Targeting

    We make sure our press releases stand out by telling clear and compelling stories and targeting them precisely. Our headlines are designed to grab attention, and we always start with the most important news. Including quotes from key people adds authority and a personal touch.

    Additionally, we use multimedia elements like images or videos to enhance engagement.

    One of our best press releases was about Write Right expanding into international markets. We highlighted why this move was important and what impact we expected. I included a quote about our vision for global reach, and we shared data on market growth and testimonials from international clients.

    This release got a lot of media coverage, catching the eye of industry leaders and potential clients. It led to a 20% increase in inquiries and boosted our brand's credibility. By focusing on a strong story, strategic quotes, and supporting data, we made sure it resonated with our audience and the media.

    Bhavik Sarkhedi
    Bhavik SarkhediCMO, Write Right

    Communicate Unique Value With Clear Messaging

    At Centime, making our press releases stand out is about pinpointing what genuinely interests our audience and delivering that information in a compelling, accessible manner. Our strategy revolves around clear, innovative messaging that conveys the unique value of our offerings and captures the media's attention with headlines that promise new insights or solutions.

    A particularly successful example of this approach was our press release titled "Introducing Centime Banking: Business Banking Reimagined." This release effectively communicated the launch of a revolutionary service designed to streamline and enhance business banking by integrating crucial financial management tools directly into the banking experience.

    This press release was highly successful because it clearly outlined the transformative aspects of Centime Banking, such as its ability to give business owners a more intuitive, control-centric approach to managing their finances. We strategically highlighted key benefits such as enhanced visibility into cash flows and financial commitments, which directly address common pain points for our target demographic. We supported these points with robust data and testimonials to build credibility and trust.

    The release was crafted to not just inform but also to invite readers into a narrative where their business operations could be vastly improved with our technology, making it a practical and aspirational piece. As a result, it garnered extensive media coverage and significantly increased engagement from potential customers, achieving its goals spectacularly.

    Aimie Ye
    Aimie YeDirector of Content Marketing, Centime

    Merge Relevance and Storytelling for Impact

    With over 20 years of experience in customer service and leading OneStop Northwest LLC, I've learned that a standout press release hinges on the convergence of relevance, storytelling, and strategic distribution. One particularly successful press release we issued was for the launch of a local business networking event in Union, Washington. To make it impactful, we incorporated detailed statistics from previous events, highlighting attendance growth and local business success stories.

    We integrated testimonials from past participants, emphasizing how the event had boosted their sales and community presence. This approach made the press release not just an announcement but a compelling narrative that potential attendees could see value in immediately. The result? We achieved a 60% increase in RSVPs compared to previous years and substantial local media pickup.

    Additionally, visuals played a critical role. High-quality images from past events showcasing packed rooms and engaged participants were included. These visuals captivated the media and prospective attendees alike, making the release visually appealing and easily shareable. Timing it to coincide with a slower news cycle for local businesses also ensured it received more visibility. This multifaceted strategy was key to its success, proving that detailed data, authentic stories, and the right timing can elevate a press release significantly.

    Dylan Cleppe
    Dylan CleppeCo-Founder & CEO, OneStop Northwest LLC

    Differentiate With Unique Property Narratives

    I ensure my press releases stand out by focusing on differentiation and a compelling narrative, which are key in short-term rental management. An example is when we introduced a unique property in our Weekender Management portfolio that had a rich history as a Civil War-era farmhouse. I emphasized this backstory in the press release.

    We also used eye-catching, high-resolution images, as visuals play a crucial role in capturing attention. We didn't just include standard property photos; we used drone photography and included people enjoying the space, which added a personal touch. This strategy resulted in more engagement, with a 40% higher click-through rate compared to previous releases.

    Lastly, I leveraged the timing of the press release to coincide with local events focused on historical tourism. By targeting media outlets and influencers interested in such events, we gained more organic coverage. This press release led to a 30% increase in direct bookings for that property, showcasing the power of a well-crafted, differentiated narrative that resonates with the audience.

    Garrett Ham
    Garrett HamCEO, Weekender Management

    Use Data-Driven Storytelling and Exclusivity

    As the former founder of Grooveshark, I've seen the importance of making press releases that stand out. For example, one particularly successful press release involved the announcement of Grooveshark reaching 30 million monthly active users. To ensure it was impactful, we used data-driven storytelling. We highlighted key user statistics, such as engagement rates and demographic insights, to show our growth and user loyalty. This added credibility and grabbed the attention of tech journalists.

    I also believe in the power of visuals. For the same press release, we included high-quality infographics that depicted our user growth trajectory and geographic distribution. This made the release not only informative but also visually appealing. Journalists could easily see our growth story at a glance, which increased the likelihood of coverage. Visual elements like these can make a significant difference in engagement.

    Another strategy that proved successful was leveraging exclusivity. We offered the story of our milestone first to a major tech outlet, TechCrunch. By providing exclusivity, we created a sense of urgency and value for the journalist. This resulted in a more in-depth article and broader dissemination across other media platforms, amplifying our reach. This approach can be highly effective when you have major news to announce.

    Sam Tarantino
    Sam TarantinoFounder, Harmonic Reach

    Craft Headlines for Strategic Content Engagement

    Ensuring a press release stands out requires a blend of strategic content creation and targeted distribution.

    It's crucial to craft a compelling headline that captures attention and succinctly communicates the core message. The content should be concise yet informative, providing value to both the media and the target audience. Including relevant data, quotes from key stakeholders, and a clear call to action can significantly enhance engagement.

    What's more, selecting the right distribution channels that align with your target demographics is essential. A particularly successful example is the press release titled "Content Author Explodes onto the Scene with a Dynamic Rebrand and Powerful, Time-Tested Growth Hacking Method," which has seen over 10,000 reads and 300 channels pick it up due to using catchy words like "Growth Hacking" and "Method."

    Press releases are not dead. Most businesses were never using them in the proper manner to begin with. When you do, you can achieve great results.

    Michael Lazar
    Michael LazarCEO, Content Author

    Announce Software Launch With Data-Driven Content

    Ensuring my press releases stand out involves a combination of strategic timing, data-driven content, and engaging visuals. One particularly successful example was a press release we issued to announce a groundbreaking software launch at my current startup. We focused on the surge in demand for marketing automation tools, backing this up with industry data that showed a 60% increase in adoption rates over the previous year.

    Customer testimonials played a crucial role. For instance, one beta tester noted a 35% improvement in campaign efficiency after using our software. This real-world evidence added credibility and depth to our narrative, making it more compelling for media outlets and potential clients.

    Visual elements are key. We included high-quality screenshots and a brief demo video, showcasing the software’s intuitive interface and robust features. This not only made the press release more engaging but also provided journalists with ready-to-use multimedia content. Timing the release to coincide with a major industry conference ensured maximum exposure, leading to a 40% increase in media pick-up and a significant rise in client inquiries.

    By combining these elements, we created a press release that was informative, credible, and visually appealing, which garnered extensive coverage and boosted product interest.

    Joe Amaral
    Joe AmaralFounder & COO, Anthem Software

    Narrate With Authenticity and Impactful Headlines

    Crafting press releases with a compelling narrative and clear, impactful headlines ensures they stand out. Highlighting unique value propositions and including genuine quotes adds authenticity. A successful example was our announcement of a groundbreaking SEO tool, framed around real-life success stories and client testimonials. This approach not only captured media attention but also generated substantial buzz and user engagement, making the release highly effective.

    Daniel Lynch
    Daniel LynchPresident & Owner, Empathy First Media

    Create Catchy Headlines for Real Estate Updates

    It is important to understand the power of press releases and how they can benefit your business. Press releases are an effective way to communicate with the media, potential clients, and other industry professionals about updates, achievements, and newsworthy events related to your real estate business.

    Craft a catchy headline that captures attention and entices people to read more about your news. Start with a strong lead paragraph that summarizes the most important information in a concise and engaging way. Use quotes from key individuals, such as yourself or your clients, to add credibility and human interest to the press release. Include relevant statistics or data to provide evidence and support for your news. Keep the release brief and to the point, avoiding overly promotional language. Make sure to proofread for any grammatical or spelling errors before sending it out.

    An example of a successful press release in the real estate industry is one that I wrote for my client's new luxury development project. The headline read, "New Luxury Development Redefines Modern Living in Downtown Area," and immediately caught the attention of local news outlets. The lead paragraph highlighted the project's unique features, such as its eco-friendly design and exclusive amenities. I also included a quote from my client, the developer, about their vision for the project and how it will benefit the community.

    Brandon Beatty
    Brandon BeattyFounder & CEO, Southern Hills Home Buyers

    Combine Storytelling With Strategic Timing

    I ensure my press releases stand out by emphasizing a blend of storytelling, strategic timing, and customer-centric insights. One particularly successful press release was for Intrabuild’s unique approach to remodeling, where we launched a campaign highlighting a landmark project we completed in a historic Manhattan building. By detailing the intricate work involved in preserving the building's historical elements while updating it for modern functionality, we captured the attention of both media and industry professionals.

    We included high-quality before-and-after images that vividly showcased the transformation. These visuals allowed journalists to see the tangible results of our work and provided compelling content for their articles. Additionally, we incorporated detailed client testimonials, with one client, Frances C., praising our ability to handle all co-op approval and building permit paperwork seamlessly, which added credibility and authenticity to our narrative.

    Timing was also crucial. We released this press release during New York City's annual Architecture Week, ensuring it coincided with an event where design and architecture were in the spotlight. This alignment with industry buzz not only maximized media coverage but also resulted in a significant uptick in website traffic and new project inquiries, demonstrating the effectiveness of a well-crafted and strategically timed press release.

    Nick Chatzigeorgakis
    Nick ChatzigeorgakisCEO, Intrabuild

    Personalize Stories With Data-Driven Visuals

    I ensure my press releases stand out by focusing on personalization and data-driven storytelling. In 2023, my SEO agency, That Local Pack, released a press announcement highlighting the success of a local house-cleaning service. We featured detailed client testimonials and statistics that showcased a 150% increase in online visibility and a 40% rise in service inquiries within three months of implementing our SEO strategy. This approach built credibility and highlighted tangible benefits, making the release compelling.

    Visual elements are crucial. For this particular press release, we included before-and-after images of client websites and graphical data representations to show the impact of our SEO efforts visually. This made the press release more engaging and easier for journalists to understand at a glance. High-quality visuals are essential for capturing media attention and increasing pick-up rates.

    Timing is everything. We strategically timed the release to coincide with a local business expo in Sacramento, ensuring maximum relevancy and coverage. This strategic timing not only boosted the press release's visibility but also resulted in a notable uptick in new client inquiries right after the expo. Combining personalized, data-rich content with strategic timing and attractive visuals has proven to elevate the impact of our press releases substantially.

    Ken Fortney
    Ken FortneyFounder, That Local Pack

    Highlight Authenticity With Strategic Engagement

    I ensure my press releases stand out by emphasizing authenticity and strategic engagement. For instance, when Frostbeard Studio launched a new candle scent designed to evoke the atmosphere of a classic reading nook, we highlighted user testimonials and reviews in our press release. We curated comments from customers who felt transported by our fragrances, adding a human touch that resonated with our audience.

    Concrete data also plays a key role. During our expansion to dozens of bookstores and gift shops nationwide in 2015, we included sales figures from local shops and growth percentages to showcase our market success. This not only added credibility but also demonstrated our value proposition clearly to potential partners and media outlets.

    Visuals are crucial. For our 2016 announcement of moving to a new building in South Minneapolis, we incorporated high-quality images of our new headquarters, retail area, and behind-the-scenes production. This visual storytelling attracted media attention and garnered local coverage, enhancing our brand presence.

    Finally, leveraging timing is essential. We timed our press releases to coincide with notable bookish events, such as National Reading Month, to ensure relevancy. This resulted in higher engagement and media pickups, contributing to our reputation as a niche leader in candles for book lovers.

    Roxie Lubanovic
    Roxie LubanovicCo-Founder, Frostbeard Studio

    Blend Data Insights With Customer Testimonials

    I ensure my press releases stand out by focusing on a mix of data-driven insights, real customer testimonials, and strategic timing. One particularly successful example was with a small e-commerce client specializing in women’s fashion. We issued a press release detailing a new product line launch, emphasizing data on emerging trends in eco-friendly fashion.

    We included testimonials from early buyers who highlighted the product quality and environmental benefits, which added authenticity and customer relatability. This real-world validation significantly boosted the credibility and engagement of the press release. In the first week, the client saw a 15% increase in web traffic and a 10% rise in sales.

    Visuals played a critical role as well. We utilized high-quality images of the fashion line in everyday settings, making it easier for customers to envision themselves using the product. The press release was timed strategically to coincide with Earth Day, aligning with our eco-friendly message and capturing media and customer interest. This strategic alignment led to broader media pickup and a notable increase in brand awareness.

    Joseph Yarber
    Joseph YarberDirector of Operations, Limestone Digital

    Include an Effective Organizational Boilerplate

    To make your press release stand out, I highly recommend including an effective boilerplate. In my experience, this often-overlooked element at the end of the press release can make a significant difference.

    A boilerplate should contain essential information about your organization, such as its mission, size, and a brief overview of what you do. It's also a smart move to mention any significant awards your organization has received to enhance your credibility. You should also include links to your website and social media profiles. This makes it easy for journalists to find more information if they need it.

    Finally, don't forget to include the contact details of your organization's primary point of contact—name, phone number, and email address—at the end of the boilerplate. This ensures that journalists can easily reach out for further comments or to arrange interviews.

    Rizki Kadir
    Rizki KadirAutomotive Writer & Software Engineer, Our Own Cars

    Optimize Press Release Timing for Visibility

    A key factor in making our press releases stand out is timing—the delivery time can make a huge difference. From what I've seen, the timing of a release can significantly impact its reception in the media. There's a lot of research out there that suggests the best times might vary depending on the country and specific publications. However, our experience shows that press releases sent early in the week tend to perform better than those sent later.

    Timing throughout the year also plays a critical role. For example, during the summer holidays, there are typically fewer press releases circulating, which could increase the chances of ours standing out. However, it's also when many journalists take their vacations. To navigate this, we track when our go-to reporters are most likely to be in the office and schedule our releases accordingly. This strategic timing has helped us maximize the visibility and effectiveness of our press communications.

    Arturo Gutierrez
    Arturo GutierrezDirector of Merchandising, Todays Wholesale Closeout