How Can Messages Be Tailored for Different Audiences?


    How Can Messages Be Tailored for Different Audiences?

    In the nuanced field of public relations, crafting the right message for diverse audiences is crucial. We gathered insights from Communications Managers and Senior Specialists, exploring strategies from utilizing focus groups for audience insights to highlighting benefits for healthcare and investor relations. Discover the six tailored approaches these experts use to engage effectively with different stakeholders.

    • Utilize Focus Groups for Audience Insights
    • Segment Messages for Financial and Tech Audiences
    • Tailor Advocacy to Stakeholder Interests
    • Communicate Details to Relevant Parties
    • Craft Messages for Tech Customers and Investors
    • Highlight Benefits for Healthcare and Investor Relations

    Utilize Focus Groups for Audience Insights

    In my experience of stakeholder engagement and public relations, I have found focus groups and one-on-one interviews (with key audiences) to be the first step and the best tool to gain insights into your audience’s values, priorities, and pain points. Once you get that right, you will be better positioned to curate messages that resonate with them.

    Let’s look at it from a community engagement perspective—if my message needs to reach a specific demographic, I will meet them where they are; maybe host a pop-up event that allows for a more dynamic exchange of information, share videos and infographics that showcase my messages. I may also communicate in their native language to foster a deeper connection. Understand that this group of audience wants to feel that they are heard and understood! On the other hand, if the same message needs to be shared with the Board or investors, I will use a more detailed, text-heavy approach in the shape of reports and presentations.

    Shairose Ukanji
    Shairose UkanjiCommunications and Storytelling Manager, Engage Delaney

    Segment Messages for Financial and Tech Audiences

    In our public relations efforts for a PayTech company, we strategically tailored our messaging for distinct audiences. We segmented our communication channels into two main sectors: financial news and technology. For financial outlets, our focus was on the company's potential for investment and economic impact, emphasizing aspects that would resonate with investors.

    Conversely, for technology platforms, we detailed the technical advancements and unique features of the company's solutions, catering to an audience interested in innovation and tech specifics. This dual approach ensured our message was both relevant and engaging for each audience group, maximizing the impact of our communications.

    Marco Genaro Palma
    Marco Genaro PalmaChief Marketing Officer, PRLab

    Tailor Advocacy to Stakeholder Interests

    During my tenure with a genetically modified (GM) seeds company, our efforts aimed to advocate for GM seed adoption among diverse stakeholders. This was an important strategy because tailored messages ensure that communication resonates with their unique interests, priorities, and concerns, fostering deeper engagement and understanding.

    For example, for farmers, the messaging emphasized income and yield enhancement, ensuring greater financial stability and opportunities for their families. Tailored communication with customers addressed concerns regarding health safety and nutritional benefits. Meanwhile, campaigns targeted at policymakers highlighted the societal advantages of GM foods, including addressing issues like Vitamin A deficiency, environmental benefits such as drought resistance, and their potential contribution to economic growth through increased yields and surplus for export.

    In essence, it allowed for effective communication that addressed specific needs, maximizing the impact of our message and facilitating meaningful connections.

    Akshita Agrawal
    Akshita AgrawalSenior Communications Specialist

    Communicate Details to Relevant Parties

    After a cyber breach, we informed the media about the nature of the breach and how we are addressing it. We told employees what happened, what we are doing to fix it, how it will impact operations, and whom to contact if they receive a media call. For affected customers, we told them what happened, what we are doing to address it, how many personal records were affected, how to obtain free credit monitoring, and measures we are taking to prevent future intrusions.

    Rick Alcantara
    Rick AlcantaraPrincipal, Rick Alcantara Consulting

    Craft Messages for Tech Customers and Investors

    During the launch of our cybersecurity suite, we had to craft carefully designed messages for different audiences. With our tech-focused customers, we talked about the robust security layers and the sophisticated machine-learning algorithms. Our investors were shown the projected market surge in cybersecurity and our commercial strategy for securing a large piece of that pie. The retailers were walked through the success of similar products and our unique selling points, prepping them for expected high demand. In all of this, the heart of our message was tailored to resonate specifically with each group.

    Abid Salahi
    Abid SalahiCo-founder & CEO, FinlyWealth

    Highlight Benefits for Healthcare and Investor Relations

    We went through a public relations campaign for a client in the healthcare industry, and, reacting to the different stakeholder groups, we focused on different benefits that were related to the latter in our message. As an illustration, while dealing with the healthcare sector, we focused on the fact that our client's medical equipment had the capability to improve patient treatment outcomes due to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

    At the same time, we paid close attention to targeting suitable investors, where we pointed out our financial stability and growth prospects of the business. We were able to build an adaptable method that reflected a 20% increase in media coverage and a 15% jump in investor interest from our previous campaigns.

    You see, we highly rely on the content we develop; it's a customized message to address your audience's interests and concerns that contributed much to our engagement.

    Kartik Ahuja
    Kartik AhujaDigital Marketer,